Chad Joyner, Owner/Operator

With 20 plus years experience in sales and 10 years experience in sales management and management Chad brings a wealth of experience to Solar United. Over the years Chad has been blessed with the ability to be a top performer at virtually every company he has ever been a apart of, consistently ranked in the top 10%. Chad loves the challenge of sales but his true passion and desire is building, managing and developing sales organizations.

Chad has developed several sales training programs and is currently developing these programs in order to market and present these systems to other businesses and individuals looking to take their sales careers to the next level. With a focus on always being positive, upbeat and energetic, Chad believes that a positive outlook is important not only in our work lives but in everything we do in life. 

Before co-founding Solar United, Chad had built the sales programs for two local solar companies, seeing 75% growth in sales volume within 8 months. Chad truly understands that leadership is important but also understanding as a leader you will never fully arrive but always be learning. A leader's greatest asset is always being teachable and understanding that a true leader, leads by serving others.

Jonathan Blackmon, President

 Jonathan Blackmon is the co-founder of Solar United with a diverse sales background including roofing and solar experience. Being in sales his entire life, he has extensive experience in lead generation, b2b and door to door outside sales.

Jonathan specializes in self generating leads from door knocking and utilizing social media marketing channels to build customer pipelines with minimal marketing expenses. Using these expertise, Jonathan has built and managed several successful door knocking and cold call lead generation teams for multiple companies.

Utilizing his experience, Jonathan has developed numerous door knocking techniques to generate leads including sales scripts and training programs to teach sales professionals how to generate their own leads effectively.